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Number of coins

Use our limited offer when buying one COVID19 COIN and get five more as a bonus

The covid19coin Ecosystem

Use our limited offer when buying one COVID19 COIN and get five more as a bonus.


It is a proof-of-stake coin that can make 24,000 transactions per second. As the pandemic changed the world, Covid19 Coin will become a sign of change in the world of blockchain.



The first blockchain-based messenger that you can use to communicate with your close people and transfer cryptocurrency.


The Quan2um Exchange

The Quan2um cryptocurrency exchange combines advanced trading functionality and an extremely high level of support for fiat operations.


How it works

Covid19Coin offers a wide range of possibilities for its application.

1. Thanks to the convenience of our wallet, you can easily store and withdraw your funds.

2. Covid19Coin is stable and accessible, which helps when trading on exchanges.

3. The coin can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

4. Covid19Coin offers a set of bonus programs that you can use to increase your income.


The major problem

Our company does not want our product to be associated with the pain, sorrow, and suffering that the virus brought. SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of many troubles today. However, the name of our coin is the period of its appearance and not an association with the disease. Some things that appeared in the pandemic will remain with us because this is a turning point in the history of humanity. The crypto world is a different universe, and COVID19 Coin will become a symbol of change in it, which will solve many problems:
  • We believe that humanity can defeat the virus, and each of you can help. Make donations with COVID19 COIN to fight SARS-CoV-2.
The Future of Cryptocurrency
  • You will be able to use a decentralized system to pay in cryptocurrency. The future belongs to a secure blockchain system.
Decentralized messenger
  • Thanks to the blockchain system, you can easily communicate with your close people without worrying about the security and privacy of your data.
Customer support system
  • We have developed a unique user support system. All Covid19 Coin holders can use the support of our team at any time.

the crypto solution

Relational blockchain system
Thanks to our relational blockchain system, all your data is safe.
Fraud Reduction
Our efforts are aimed at reducing the risks associated with the fraud.
Next-Generation Wallet
Now it's even easier to transfer money. The wallet integrated into the messenger will be a great helper in your daily life.

The covid19coin app

  • okey__iconBlockchain news
  • okey__iconIntuitive understanding of the app
  • okey__iconWallet aggeregation
  • okey__iconCryptocurrency community
  • okey__iconReduced fees


Our coin is distributed as a percentage as follows:
distributions of token
  • Founders
  • Private Investors
  • Partnership programs
  • Advisor
  • 18%
  • 17%
  • 8%
  • 5%
use of proceeds
  • Reserve Fund
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Bonus programs
  • 22%
  • 6%
  • 11%
  • 13%


You can use this map to track all stages of the covid19coin project.
Q1 2021
  • Launch of paramining
  • Testing the first branded debit cards with VIP benefits
Q2 2021
  • Splitting the messenger-wallet into 3 apps
  • Work on the desktop interface for the exchange
  • Exchange listing of COV19
  • Registering a payment company
  • Beta-testing of the desktop trading interface
  • Release of the desktop interface
Q3 2021
  • Launch of the charity space
  • Implementing group video calls in the messenger
Q4 2021
  • Launch of the investment platform
  • Selection of the first pool of startups to be funded
  • Launch of the AI system of automated trading
  • Release of the mobile trading interface
Q1 2022
  • Release of the Decentralized Merchant payment gateway
  • Release of the mobile trading interface
Q2 2022
  • Launch of the decentralized marketplace CryptoStore
  • Release of the tool to turn a smartphone into a cold wallet
  • Connecting the first 20+ merchants

Powered by a team

Our team working hard to make the best cryptocurrency ecosystem
Content Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Reward dustribution depending on block height
Phase Block height Block reward, COV19 MN share Staker share
0 201-302399 45 90% (45 COV-19) 10% (5 COV-19)
1 302400-345599 40.5 90% (40.5 COV-19) 10% (4.5 COV-19)
2 345600-388799 40 90% (36 COV-19) 10% (4 COV-19)
3 388800-431999 35 90% (31.5 COV-19) 10% (3.5 COV-19)
4 432000-4751999 30 90% (31.5 COV-19) 10% (3 COV-19)
5 4725200-518399 25 90% (22.5 COV-19) 10% (2.5 COV-19)
6 518400-561599 20 90% (18 COV-19) 10% (2 COV-19)
7 561600-604799 15 90% (13.5 COV-19) 10% (1.5 COV-19)
8 604800-647999 10 90% (9 COV-19) 10% (1 COV-19)
9 604800-1154203 5 90% (4.5 COV-19) 10% (0.5 COV-19)
9 1154203 - ∞ 6 90% (5 COV-19) 10% (1 COV-19)